Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Monday Fun #51 (online link)

I know, I haven't done this for a while again! I really should get back to it more.

Anyhow, this time around:

Dismantlement series

Game type: browser-based, flash, puzzley

Time demand: Well, each one can take a very varied amount of time! Although you can always just come back and quickly re-solve what you've done before, if you get tired of one of the games for a while.

Cost: Free

What it is: Each in the series is a common item, which you are to dismantle with the help of your virtual (and invisible) screwdriver. Which sounds straightforward, and boring. But the trick is that in order to gain access to the various screws, you not only have to flip the item around, find the right places to click and so on, you also have to figure out certain puzzles in order to proceed.

In fact, you not only really have to just figure out puzzles, you need to figure out where to find hints on a piece for solving problems elsewhere on the item, need to figure out just what you're supposed to be figuring out, so to speak... and generally just wrack your brains and drive yourself silly.

But it's wicked fun, and if you like puzzles in general, you should really take a look at these and play around with them!
Tags: games, links, monday
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