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I figure there will probably be some minor spoiling for the series as a whole, but try to keep it to a minimum please, since I don't want anyone new to the series (or not having read the whole series) to be shying away from this section until/unless they read *everything*.

Not much to say here myself, except that it's weird seeing the, ah, weird sisters pop up at the start here, due to future events (not in this particular book, but in the series, so I'll take my own advice and not get all spoily-pants).

And wow, with this pathetic introduction to John Dee, it's fairly easy to feel all sorry for him and stuff! At least, until/unless you've read the rest of this particular story arc.


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Dec. 11th, 2010 06:38 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I also wasn't all up on my DC Comics (and still am not, to that extent), but I just assumed he was probably a previous creation, and wikipedia confirmed some of the details.

And as a note on the real John Dee... it's so very odd to think of a time when someone could be a hard scientist and also study magic and other new agey stuff (well, very old agey in that sense!) and have there be no real distinction between them!
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