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Parasha: Sandman, December 10th reading

Alright, I figure I'll do a separate spoiler section Just In Case, starting with this entry, so spoily stuff can go there.

Ah, good ol' Cain and Abel. I like how the Christian mythology gets woven in wholesale along with the other mythologies, neither greater nor less, but I imagine Gaiman may not have won a lot of devoutly Christian fans with that.

I admit, it's a bit weird to see Dream begging, or at least asking nicely, for help here! It doesn't seem to fit in with his style. A bit silly of him though to use so much of his remaining power just to get revenge Right Then, and then end up stranded.

One also wonders: just how does Dream sleep? Inside the Dream world, especially. And does he dream? And does that then turn into a big recursive thing, where he's dreaming inside the Dream, and his dream then contains himself, dreaming, which in turn contains... ah, skip it.

Ah, Lucien. I'd actually forgotten about Lucien somehow! Good ol' Lucien, who is actually intelligent and knowledgeable enough to act as a Fount of Knowledge/Wisdom to Dream himself!

I'm looking forward to re(reading) the next section, since I've always liked John Constantine, despite the fact that he can be a real bastard depending on who's writing him.

Anyhow, any more thoughts?


This is actually a leftover from last time, but apparently the "Encephalitis Lethargica" mentioned that the sufferers were diagnosed with was a real thing, with an epidemic right around then. Huh.

Anyhow, back to this issue, the brothers Cain and Abel aren't only a nod to Christian mythology, they're also a nod to the DC Universe that this was set in. The House of Secrets and its companion House of Mystery were titles from DC previously.

John Dee, aka Doctor Destiny, is also another DC Universe link. And this also explains his comments about taking his ability to dream away from him - this was apparently done to him by the Justice League, to keep him from using his villainy superpowers.

Dream a little dream of the schedule!
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