Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Sense and Sensibility round-up

First off, would Monday be too soon to start the Sandman readings? Or do people still need to get the book?

Anyhow, sorry this is running late.

Anyhow, I'm not sure how well this worked as a Parasha book, because in retrospect so many of the characters are just so silly! And even the main characters aren't that sympathetic. I mean Elinor is logical to a fault, and so feels kinda cardboardy, while Marianne if you consider her a main character is way too flighty and immature. And Edward? He's both a) lifeless/dull, and b) has the whole "decided not to worry about the main character's heart when he knew he was already engaged" thing going for him (or against him). So yeah. Or no. Or whatever.

But at least it gives some fodder for discussion, such as whether certain characters are more sympathetic or reprehensible (Mrs. Jennings, Mr. Palmer), and just what does one think about characters like Miss Steele, or Lady Middleton, who are not painted very sympathetically but who, I think, aren't all that horrible when one looks at them from afar.

Also, wow, drama much? Secret engagements! Jealous fiancees! Callous young men spurning the romantic young woman! Secret childhood sweetheart who turns to a life of infidelity and shame and dies of comsumption! Duels (albeit off-screen)! Near-fatal illnesses! Last-minute confessions! Comedies of errors! Unexpected revelations, and proposals!

Ow, I think I've gone through my monthly allotment of exclamation points, now.

Anyhow, This is one of the Austen books I tend to like, but not my favorite. But now I'm trying to figure out just what I find enjoyable about it. I guess it might just be one of those hard-to-define "it's just fun to read!" things, as opposed to say the characters (who for the most part I don't care hugely about, usually a death-knell for a book for me), or the plot (which can be a bit contrived and silly in places), or, well... y'know, I think I'll stop picking it at now before I stop liking it as much. :p

Anyhow, please discuss! Any of the above catch your interest or anything else you want to talk about? Please, feel free!
Tags: books, parasha, parasha_sense_sensibility
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