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Of Butterflies and Bishounen

Ever have one of those days where you're just completely restless for some reason? And not really restless in a good way. I feel like I want to get something accomplished, but I feel way too restless and scattered to actually knuckle down and, you know, do anything of the sort. Blah. I go to do something, and find myself wandering away to do something else. Even if the original something is something restful, like playing a video game. I'm just... a butterfly, today.

I did at least manage to knuckle down and post a review to manga_soapbox tonight, so that's something accomplished that I've been meaning to do. Now I just have another new volume that I want to review there, maybe tomorrow to try to build up some momentum again. We'll see.

Other than that, I spent part of today playing the new Y's game on the PS2 (which is frankly pissing me off), part of it revisiting Sid Meier's Pirates that came out for the PC like half a year (at a rough guess) ago, and part of it was spent watching the very first three episodes of Kyo Kara Maoh!, aka God (?) Save Our King. At least this makes me happy, as it's pretty funny, is one of those part-reality, part-fantasy type series, and has a main cast made up almost exclusively of bishounen. Yay! Besides, how can you not like a series where the last words in the first episode are "oh, bishounen!" and where the second episode is titled "Duel! Hot Boy vs. Baseball Boy"?

At least I have 2 more episodes left on the disc to watch. Then I'm not sure what I'll get into - I already watched the second disc of Saiyuki: Reload last night, but I do have a few more DVDs that I've either ordered recently or that I ordered in the past but hadn't got around to watching for some reason or another. But at this point it's hard for me to even sit still for the good stuff. *sigh*
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