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Parasha: Sense and Sensibility November 26th reading

The last bit!

So the main thing I take away from chapter 10 is that Marianne actually died from her illness and was replaced by a Doppelganger. Because even given such a life-endangering event as her recent illness, her change is pretty drastic! But at least she did learn something. And at least it's not like Austen is trying to say she's suddenly a saint in one fell swoop, since she's still a bit silly and tending to go overboard, just in a different direction.

It seems a bit... I don't know, coincidental and convenient that just when Elinor is in a place to let Marianne know that Willoughby isn't as guilty as they thought, and considering when/how to do so, that Marianne leads right into that very subject. But oh well, I guess it's required to wrap up the story neatly!

Speaking of wrapping up the story... how cruel of Austen! To jerk us around like that and make us think that Edward had married Lucy and all. Except that really it wasn't that cruel, because it wouldn't have bothered me all that much - part of me wanted Elinor to marry Edward because that's who she loves, but I also have to think that Elinor and Colonel Brandon would probably have been a better pairing. They both like and esteem each other, and despite Austen's sangfroid on the subject, I have to wonder just how wonderful the marriage will be for Colonel Brandon once infatuation and love for the sake of resemblance wears thin. And as for Edward, I'm not exactly in love with the way he basically had a secret engagement and then practically encouraged Elinor to fall in love with him and all that!

Not to mention that I just dislike the idea of Marianne being bestowed as a "gift" upon Colonel Brandon because he's deserving of her and all that. I mean yes, he's deserving and all that, but that doesn't mean that he gets to have a thinking feeling woman bestowed upon him like a pet!

I will say though that Elinor's mistaking Edward for Colonel Brandon is a bit amusing, in the way that it hearkens back to earlier in the book when Marianne saw Edward and mistook him for Willoughby.

It's still a bit odd to see the non-proposal proposals such as here, but that's really pretty typical of Austen. The lead-up to the proposal, the comedies of errors, etc., yes. The short aftermath, yes, as we get to see the couple together a bit and get to be told how things fall out to some extent. But not the meaty bits!

And then we get the aforementioned aftermath, and everyone lives happily ever after. Although it's not too saccharin, because we don't strictly have everyone awarded their just desserts. I mean, Lucy ends up wealthy and adored by the family that she basically stabbed in the back, Edward and Elinor are happy but poor, and I've already given my thoughts on the Brandon/Marianne marriage. So... yeah.

Anyhow, what does everyone else think?

I'll probably let the Sandman poll go on for an extra day or so, to let people see it after the holiday and in hopes that it gets a little less ambiguous.
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