Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

These Dreams Go On...

(Now that it's almost time togo to bed again)...

I don't really have much to update about right now, but I did have the weirdest dream last night. I forget what most of the dream was about... you know how that goes. But I do remember that it was one of those weird dreams where you're both watching some movie/show/something and a part of it at the same time. And about all I remember of the dream was that it was some movie back about 30 years or so, I'm thinking late 70s-ish, and for the most part the "world" of the movie was a really fun, nice one that I agreed with, and agreed with the various social values, etc etc.

Except... for some weird reason, they apparently had the idea that a really really bad thing, and a sign of doom for upcoming generations if it didn't get stopped, etc., was the tendency of kids to get together and sit around a campfire on the beach, singing, being too carefree, etc. And I remember that the focus of the various adult societal angst in this case was the teen actor who played Tommy on Eight is Enough, who in my dream was apparently a big star at about that point, and in the views of these people was leading Our Youth down the Wrong Path, or something.

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