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JORDAN: ToM Chapters 28-33 (spoilers)

It's odd seeing Galad referred to as "Damodred" all the time now, since a) we're used to "Galad," and b) it's too close to Demandred.

I'm assuming that the weird purple dome thing is powered by the thing Graendal called a Dreamspike. Wonder just how it works...? I just hope that Perrin manages to kill Slayer soon.

I'm assuming that the Channelers that showed up in the Borderlands to fight alongside the Trollocs are from the Black Tower, under Taim. Looks like that confrontation might be coming up. Well, then again, with one book left after this, I guess *every* confrontation is coming up...

I'm also wondering what's wrong with the Gateways around Perrin's camp. Maybe the Pattern is weak there for some reason? I mean, that's where the Blight started creeping out again, there have been at least two bubbles of evil around his camp... and IIRC Gateways work by punching holes through the Pattern from one point to another. Hrm. Maybe this is also related to the "slipperiness" of the weave during the time the Wondergirls were escaping from Ebou Dar/use of the Bowl of Winds? (And that lasted so damn long, didn't it? The effects of the Bowl, I mean.)

And finally we see Tam leaving Perrin's camp, which means that we're finally starting to catch up with "current time" in that particular line. Like, half a book after the end of the previous book, which was after Tam arrived to talk to Rand. Uuuugh. I know it's no fun to see a favorite character/plotline just ignored for a book, but I'd rather have seen that happen more, than have all the various plotlines end up jumbled like this.

"I'll see you at the Last Battle, if not before." How very bloody nonchalant. Almost sounds like someone saying "oh hey, I'll see you at the family reunion, if I don't catch you before then!" "Yeah, we'll just stroll up to Shayol Ghul, meet up, chew the fat a bit, fight the Dark One, maybe smoke some tabac..."

Hrm. Okay, I'm not an expert with cannonballs. But are they supposed to explode/have such damage as they do here? I mean, I know they do a lot of damage against, say, ships or whatever, but I thought that was more from crashing through supports, destroying infrastructure, etc etc.

Perrin being all peeping-Tomish at Rand during his Special Moment... a bit touching, a bit creepy!

I think the text is a bit unfair during the fight between Mat and the Gholam. I mean, I can see wanting to build suspense and not having us know that this is part of The Plan, but at least be fair about it! Don't talk about Talmanes going against orders, or Mat cursing his luck and things like that, when it's going according to plan, more or less! I hate that - it's not playing fair with your audience.

Aaaand... exit the Gholam. Freaking finally. Wonder how many more of them the Shadow will find...

Rand vs. army... fight! Seriously, overpowered much?

I'm still not sold on the idea that the Aes Sedai should be binding themselves with the Oaths. I tend to still think it's a fairly stupid idea of Egwene's. But oh well.

I'm wondering if Sanderson gave Nynaeve the shorter braid so that he doesn't have to write her tugging the damn thing all the time (and we don't have to read it). At any rate - thank you!

And aaargh, how the HELL could I forget about the damn assassins sent by Tuon into the Tower? I specifically remember thinking "oh, they're going to lurk about and cause trouble for her now!" at the end of last book. Then when people start dying in his one, I forget about them! *headdesk*

I'm not in love with Gawyn's casual assurance that he'll try to get whasserface leashed though, in return for her information. Sheesh.

"Create more light, and you will create more Shadows." Um, I think someone needs a lesson in optics...

And really, I want to smack both Egwene AND Gawyn at the end of the chapter. Egwene for letting such a message be sent in the first place, AND for just casually expecting Gawyn will come back as soon as she crooks her finger, after she chases him away. Gawyn for the fact that the woman he loves is in mortal danger, he has important information and could help her, and because he's in a pique, he decides to just trust the rapid-fire info to a servant, who may or may not be able to get it to the Amyrlin. He doesn't even write it so it doesn't get bungled! Augh! I mean it'll serve Egwene right to get shaken up a bit by him not returning and maybe coming close to being assassinated, but geez Gawyn. Priorities?
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