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JORDAN: ToM Chapters 22-27 (spoilers)

I think I've reached the halfway point!

I've noticed before that the chapters are covering multiple viewpoints now, a sign of Branderson hurrying to get things wrapped up I suppose, but it's starting to get... odd, in chapters like these. We have the dice icon, showing it to be a Mat chapter mainly... and start off with Gawyn. Who is, by the way, an idiot. After she tells you she has plans, isn't going to be taken unprepared, and that you need to trust her... gah.

Hanging people for cutting wood? Really? Really really? I mean I can see protecting it when it's a limited resource, and punishing people for not going through the proper channels... but hanging? Really? Yeesh.

"You'll be more famous than Jain Farstrider"... I wonder if we're ever going to get a Big Reveal on whether he IS Jain? We're running out of time!

I think Mat would be a bomb expert/defuser type guy in another life, because him and explosives! Sheesh!

And dude, it's pretty sad when you're relieved to see footpads around and about. I just figured that the guy he saved would turn out to be someone important... not that it'd be one of his assassins! (Some assassin for that matter, if he's going to be taken out of commission by three mere footpads!)

Have we seen mention before about Birgitte's memories fading? I can't remember. (And that wasn't initially intended to be a joke, but hey.)

"Why did the players need so many new names for things?" I wonder of that's poking gentle fun at the book itself, or if Branderson is really just being oblivious.

I also admit I'm wondering if Mat really did let the soldiers catch him, as he claims. Knowing him, it could go either way!

So now Elayne wants to bully Mat into giving her more time with the medallion. Man, she really IS getting grabby. She wants Cairhien. She wants the Black Tower. She wants control of the Red Hand. She want as many of the "dragons" as she can get (although at least that I can understand, when she's providing the resources and all). And now she wants to bully someone into giving her more time with a ter'angreal that might be important to SAVE HIS LIFE at any time, and who offered it fairly readily when he didn't really have to. Sheesh. I'm liking Elayne less and less.

And she IS an idiot. Intentionally going behind her Warder's back (when she's pregnant no less!), using some weak-assed covering up of her slips... *sigh* Just... *sigh*

Speaking of idiots... Gawyn does one of the first smart things this book. (Well, other than his handling of the guard captain)... he leaves. This is probably best for both him AND Egwene at this point.

And Lan doesn't even notice over twice the number of tents being in the camp until he's already drying off from his morning wash? Wow, he really has gone downhill. I guess being a viewpoint character subtracts about 7 from your Intelligence score.

And back to Elayne... getting outranked by a midwife? How bloody sad is that? Really now. (And she's ALSO an idiot for not even mentioning the copy of the medallion that she lost, given that it could be easily used against them, FFS!)

Back to Perrin's camp, and more timeline confusion, with Tam there in the camp and apparently about to be sent off to the Two Rivers. Oof. Bamfing Tams! Somebody figure out a bloody timeline already.

Yeah, bring "someone with drinks," I knew where THAT was going. I knew Morgase and Galad would run into each other at some point. And Yup, looks like Galad + Berelain is going to be A Thing. He's too good for her, but oh well.

And Egwene pretty much chases Gawyn off, then expects him to just come back to heel when she calls him. *sigh* It'd serve her right if he refuses, really.



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Nov. 7th, 2010 05:39 am (UTC)
Somebody asked about the chapter/viewpoint splits at the signing. Apparently BranSan writes things in "viewpoint chunks," so all of the people who are physically close together get written all more or less at the same time. Then he hands all the chunks over to Harriet, and she decides where the splits occur. She also assigns the chapter icons, BTW.

And we've been hearing about Birgitte's memories fading since Ebou Dar at the very latest.
Nov. 8th, 2010 06:14 pm (UTC)
And Lan doesn't even notice over twice the number of tents being in the camp until he's already drying off from his morning wash?

Huh. I hadn't noticed that. Add that to the list of "...just, no."

Elayne's grabbiness of Cairhien bothered me, too, especially since HEY, ARMAGEDDON, NEXT WEEK. Cairhien is not in actual civil war at this point, there's some sort of order that will allow the Cairhienin forces to present themselves at the Last Battle, that is pretty enough, actually.
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