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JORDAN: ToM Chapters 15-21 (spoilers)

I don't know why my reading is going so slooowly this time. Bah! I guess I'm just not much in the mood for epic fantasy right now.

I just like how everyone assumes the Ashaman (Ashamen?) are mad when they say things like they see Myrddraal. Of course, it turns out he IS this time, but yeesh.

And *poof* suddenly Nynaeve can Heal Madness. How very... abrupt!

"Seaine" and "Saerin" all in one scene/dialogue. Argh! Why do you do this to us? WHY?

Looks like someone's been thinking of some inventive ways to defeat the Oath Rod! But yet more of those damn convenient Inverted Weaves. Have we had any explanation yet of why someone doesn't just use them all of the time?

And I see the mention that Mesaana steps in and "gets her hands dirty" to be yet another hint that she's disguised as a servant, or something similar. Hell, wonder if she could disguise herself as one of the guards?

The chapter 16 icon is another new one I think, which I presume is the blacksmith's puzzle that Perrin keeps fingering. Er, playing with. Er, damnit, you know what I mean. Anyhow, why use this, rather than the usual wolf icon? I'm not sure! I'm sure it will mean Something, though!

OMG, Faile actually realizes that she's a spoiled little brat! That doesn't really make me like her more, though. I mean, it's not like she's proven she's changed or anything. She's still her. *Especially* when she then turns around and threatens a quartermaster with her husband's wrath, basically, making him out to be a Bogeyman. NOT COOL Faile.

And do we really need yet another special name for a freaking anniversary? *sigh*

Wow, I'd almost forgotten about the Horn of Valere. Which had a book dedicated to it, what, 11 books ago? At least Mat hasn't forgotten about it. Although I guess it would be hard to forget.

The Sprinklewort was, in fact, very childish. And a bit below what I'd come to expect of Mat nowadays. Oh well.

And Elayne also has a case of the dumbs. Why is she being stubborn about placing herself in possible danger just because OMG Min foretold that her kids would be born healthy? Not to mention that she's being all grabby about the Black Tower now too. Bad idea!

And chapter 18, we're back to the wolf icon. Maybe it's just so they don't use the icon too many chapters too close together? I don't know!

And I think we're supposed to feel bad that Perrin's considering just wiping the Whitecloaks out, but really the only thing that makes me want that not to happen is Galad. The rest of them can burn, for all I care.

Oooo, a signet. Wonder if that's going to come into play, maybe to let someone recognize who Galad is before the confrontation.

And off to a war in the Borderlands. I don't remember Ituralde at all, although I suspect we're supposed to. How the hell are we supposed to remember all these people and factions? It just means nothing to me.

"Monarchs survive infidelity," says Berelain. Yeah, tell that to Clinton.

My first thought was "well at least it's not a cat fight," and then Faile issued her little challenge, and amended that to "yet." But luckily, no. No hair-pulling, no spankingsbirchings. Finally!

While I normally love to see Mat, I'm almost dreading to see his chapters come around this time, because Mat chapters = Writing Tic chapters. *shudder*

"Charlz"? Yeesh, that's not a blatant bit of trying to insert a charity name or anything. Oof. And ow.

Chapter 20, and yet another new icon! I guess just for the special testing. Do we really need a new and different icon for this?

Nynaeve bothering to stop and explain herself to someone? *gasp* Alright, who is this imposter?

And we *finally* get to see the Aes Sedai testing. Yeesh. I was beginning to think we wouldn't actually see it at all in the series, despite hearing about it fairly frequently. (And I was worried for a bit that we might have to see all 100 of the weaves...)

And we also finally finally FINALLY get to see Nynaeve receive Lan's bond. Yeesh. Wonder if he realizes what happened, from where he is?

"Seonid" now? At least she's in a different location from "Seaine" and "Saerin" but still!

And yet another shoe drops, Morgase learning about Rahvin. Wonder if that'll now cause anyone else to learn about *her*. Faile especially I doubt will just put up with a mere servant dropping things and running out without giving her a serious talking-to.

And bah. back to the battle. Seriously, I suspect we're supposed to be all like "ooo, a battle! Yay, action!" But really, I don't remember/care about any of the characters there, and I'd rather just get back to, y'know, the important stuff.

Ooo, and it looks like the wolf-head trollocs are the brainy ones, so to speak. Wasn't Narg the Smart Trolloc a wolf-head? Or am I misremembering?

That should do for now, time to move on to the next chapters!
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