Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

JORDAN: ToM Chapters 5-10 (spoilers)

Blah, why isn't it obvious from the start that it's someone without the Power killing the Sisters in the Tower? And yeah, Mesaana would seem like the obvious answer, but I'm doubting it, with the way things are happening. Or maybe she's giving the orders to a Grey Man, or something. Or she's masquerading as a servant and doesn't dare to use the Power and blow her disguise, since they've already questioned all the Sisters apparently. (Wasn't that one cook one of the Usual Suspects?)

And the longer the Egwene/Gawyn subplot goes on, the more I want to smack BOTH of them. Egwene has earned tons of "you go girl!" points in general lately, but gah. *doublesmack!*

Am I the only one who saw the book title "Alight in the Snow" and thought of the Far Snows' Dance? Anyone? No one?

A... dreamspike? Oh, this can't be good, whatever it is. And a whole Evil Armory. Greeeaat. And the two-souled man would be Slayer, duh. Been wondering when we get to see him again!

So according to this prophecy, Perrin will die? Well, we have the prophecy that Rand will die and it seems fairly certain he'll be healed again after, and Mat's already died and lived again, wonder if Perrin will stay dead? And I suppose I should be thinking "oh no!" about this, but I admit the main thing I'm thinking is "so if he dies, does this mean we don't have to deal with Faile anymore?"

So. Back to Morgase... and I'm trying to remember who all knows about her. Tallanvor, and Basel Gill, IIRC, but who else? And when did she become such a meek little servant? Yeesh.

So now the Manetheren banner is down again. Why bother introducing it at all? Yeesh.

Also: Perrin is an idiot: re: the "oh, you two get married now" thing. A serious serious idiot. Even worse than Gawyn for being like "oh sure, go ahead and MAKE the Aes Sedai bond Warders." WTF, Perrin?

And back to Sulky Lan. How cute! Emo Lan is emo!

It's nice to see a reference to Galad's "particularly embarrassing lesson" which would, of course, be getting his ass kicked (alongside Gawyn) by Mat. Go Mat!

And speaking of Mat... yay! Well, sorta yay. It's good to see him again, although it's still weird since Sanderson doesn't quite have him nailed. And all the nervous ticks of the various character (like Mat wondering who could POSSIBLY be teaching Olver to leer at women, or his new one about checking out the women "for his friends") are getting out of hand.

And geez Mat, worrying so much about your smile breaking all these women's heart. Egotistic, much? I'd say this is part of Sanderson not nailing his character, honestly - he's never seemed to have a huge ego in that regard, before. He always enjoyed a pretty lass, but he didn't seem to think that he was automatically the Creator's gift to women, you know?

I think this is the first time we've seen reference to Thom being actually that good with his instruments! I mean, it totally makes sense, being a COURT BARD and all, but I realized in this chapter that we haven't really seen much made of his skill! I mean, other than with knives/fast wrists and such. Have we?

A thankful Aes Sedai? And a helpful one? Whoah. Wonder what the chances of that would be without Sanderson writing this...

And damnit, now I'm wondering who the Gholam's new master is that wants Mat's head so badly!

And back to Perrin, and mention of his puzzle again. You know it's just going to be important somehow, probably in some mettyforical way, as Granny Weatherwax might put it. Er, sorry, crossing my fantasy series here...

And impending battle between Perrin's forces and the Whitecloaks oooo, long time building. Gee, wonder if Morgase would possibly have anything to do with defusing it? Possibly? Maybe?

No spoily for further! Please.
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