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Oof, hope this schedule works out, since there's no table of contents in my copy of the book, and I had to flip through and jot down the number of chapters, didn't note how long each is, etc... I did try to figure out the best places for breaks when chapter divisions for each volume would be a bit uneven, but.. well.

As always, if there are any requests for changes or protests or what have you, let me know soon!

Wednesday, November 3rd: Volume 1, Chapters 1-5
Friday, November 5th: Volume 1, Chapters 6-9
Monday, November 8th: Volume 1, Chapters 10-13
Wednesday, November 10th: Volume 1, Chapters 14-18
Friday, November 12th: Volume 1, Chapters 19-22
Monday, November 15th: Volume 2, Chapters 1-5
Wednesday, November 17th: Volume 2, Chapters 6-10
Friday, November 19th: Volume 2, Chapters 11-14
Monday, November 22nd: Volume 3, Chapters 1-4
Wednesday, November 24th: Volume 3, Chapters 5-9
Friday, November 26th: Volume 3, Chapters 10-14

Let me know how it looks! It looks daunting, but the chapters for the most part aren't really that long.