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For those wondering by the way, my mom made it home from the hospital yesterday as once expected. Although we weren't sure for a bit, because her kidney doctor wanted a 24-hour urine test while she was in the hospital, then one of the nurses screwed it up by pouring some of said product down the toilet instead of storing it, so she had to start over. But in the long run it just meant she had to wait until late afternoon/early evening to get out. She's doing alright - in fact, she's getting ready right now to go out and eat with some friends.

And my father's eye surgery also went fine, in fact, he's allowed to drive already as long as he doesn't overdo it. Although today he's complaining a bit that it feels like there's something in his eye.

And I blame theweaselking for getting me into a "listening to the Crow soundtrack" kick, mostly for Jane Siberry's "It Can't Rain All the Time," which I totally listened to a lot in college, but then haven't even thought about for a couple years at all. (And yes, that's depressingly old-feeling-making, talking about my college days, and then about "a couple years" past that so casually...)

And... bah, y'all are spamming the hell out of my friends' list. I woke up this morning (okay, afternoon) and had to scroll back to the previous 25 entries to read everything that had been entered since going to bed.
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