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Parasha: The Dark Knight Returns: October 19th reading

Oof, where to start?

Overall, I'm torn on this chapter.

On the one hand, the ending's fairly cool, getting the happy ending all around, more or less (at least on a personal level for the characters we "know"... except for poor Alfred!), which I didn't expect from Miller. And it has the kinda neat twist ending, and we get some at least vaguely interesting thoughts from Superman about being Earth's adopted son, and the thoughts on even the deserts being precious and full of interesting life.

On the other hand though, I've given up actually seeing this as Batman, when he's pretty much mowing through cops with no real thought to their safety, mowing through Clark without a thought, being stupid enough to trust the Green Arrow not to take a shot at authority when he gets a chance, etc. etc....

I'm also disappointed we didn't get any real resolution with the new Commissioner. I mean, she was one of the more interesting and complex characters (and situation), and then she pretty much just gets dropped like a hot potato? WTF?

And instead of resolution with various characters, we spend all the time on... shoot-em-ups, and fist fights, and he-man chest beating and explosions and... augh. Just... augh.

And I was hoping to see him go AFTER the Sons of the Bat, rather than just making use of them for his little army, not to mention the mutant army that just killed two police officers, with no mention even made of that. *holds head in hands*

I'm also not sold on the miraculous pill that lets Bruce seem to be dead for days (and wtf, no embalming or anything?), and then just pop out of the grave again. Especially when he was already in rough shape to start with. I don't care HOW good with chemicals he is.

Plus I've figured out yet another thing that bothers me with his straw-men, as-bad-as-can-be characters showing "humanity"... the fact that they'll just natter on about this on national television. I mean, even if you're going to assume that there ARE selfish bastards out there that would do and think some of the things these people do (which I'm sure there are), are they going to then cluelessly yatter on about it in front of the cameras, without even realizing that they might be painting themselves in a bad light? *seriously*?

So yeah, I think looking back I'm left with more of a bad taste with this final chapter, but there are at least some gleams through the darkness.

What about the rest of you?
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