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My Little Jezebel...

I really hope I didn't end up leading a pet dog away from his home or something today.

I don't know if I've mentioned it here or not (I think I have), but starting a few months ago, I've been taking the dog out for a walk every morning, for her exercise and mine and a breath of (gasp) fresh air.

So on this morning's walk, we were joined on the way home by some random free-roaming dog, who seemed to take a great interest in Lady (despite her being less than half his size, fixed, old, and Not Interested), and who proceeded to hang around with us for the entire 10 or 15 minutes or so of the rest of the walk.

He was a friendly enough dog and all, and if I knew he were a stray I might have taken him in or something, but while he looked a bit thin and had no collar, he also didn't look actively starved, and was clean and non-skittish.

So as it stands I ended up leaving him outside the fence and then keeping a weather-eye out to make sure he didn't stick around, or start wandering around to the front of the house/busy street section. He seemed to vanish again after maybe 5 minutes or so of standing pathetically by the fence, so I'm hoping that if he does in fact have a home, he went back to it. And that my seductive little furball didn't seduce him away from his happy home.
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