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Parasha: The Dark Knight Returns: October 14th reading

Doom doom doom, death, darkness and gloom.

This chapter's much in keeping with the previous one, so there's not quite as much to say.

I was hoping a bit for something from Superman other than being the government's fairly two-dimensional Good Dog, but then if that's how Miller sees the character, I guess that's fair enough. And at least he puts an interesting other spin on the whole superhero/vigilante vs. "normal person" thing, with the fear and hunting-them-down angle. The poses are lame, though.

The conflict between the Commissioner and the Batman seems like one of the more interesting angles still, as she's out for his blood, but yet still acts on his advice to save the governor. I'm interested to see how this'll shake out in the end.

Interesting at the end that the Batman still couldn't quite kill the Joker... but he's going to twist for it anyhow.

And I still think the story would be tons better if Miller didn't have to spend so much time mocking Reagan and other figures who are fairly out-of-the-picture by now anyhow, and also so much time setting up straw-men just to knock them down.

And really, I'd like to see the Batman being more, well, clever and making use of his toys more, rather than getting himself physically into one scrape after another that are over his head, which he gets back out of due to luck more than anything.

But maybe that's just me!
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