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Parasha: October (schedule)

Sorry this is late. I've got a cold, and am miserable. Blah. Will try to post a roundup for the former stuff as well when I'm feeling, well, more well. :p

Also, now I feel stupid since I was against one book for only being four chapters, but didn't realize that this is the same. I'm going to do a schedule around that, but if anyone who has read the book would know of some good places to split up each of the four books please speak up, and I can redo the schedule to be less, um. sparse.

Thursday, October 7: Introduction, Book One
Monday, October 11: Book Two
Thursday, October 14: Book Three
Monday, October 17: Book Four
Thursday, October 20: Gallery/Original Plot

Does everyone's book have the last section? If not, and if there are any suggestions/complaints/whatever, speak up so I can switch things around more.


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Oct. 3rd, 2010 06:01 am (UTC)
I've been slogging through a cold as well, but it sounds like you have it worse. Get well soon!

My copy arrived from Amazon today, and has the last two sections you mention.
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