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Parasha: Understanding Comics - September 24nd reading

Last chapter!

This is, well, pretty much what it says, it puts all the previous chapters together and reviews them, so in some ways there's not as much to discuss. Although he did a fairly good job of tying everything together and showing how it all works to make what we know as "comics"... but still, there's not too much new and astounding.

I would say though that the fact that we can't speak mind-to-mind directly isn't necessarily sad... I mean, it'd be nice to be able to when we want, but I also don't want to go around with people knowing what I think about them all the time, ya know? *cough*

I do like the idea that mastery of comics and other media is the amount of what you see in your minds eye that you can bring across to the paper/film/whatever. It's a different way to look at it, but it works.

"Understanding comics is serious business." Man, that's hard to read with a straight face, so to speak, these days. It's also weird to be reading about bringing comics into the next century, etc etc. In some ways he's a realist though, since he pegged the state of comics pretty well I thought - some of their potential is being realized, they're being seen more seriously, but there are a lot of boneheaded corporate moves still holding them back.

And I thought it was a nice touch at the very end, on the credits/bibliography page, where he calls for discussion of the topics, which hey, we're doing now! So we're doing the right thing, right? :p

And on that note: have at it!
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