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Now now, didn't anyone ever tell him, "there are no such things as stupid questions... just stupid people"?

Once again with the overly broad definitions! So if I want to kick back and read a book (which could be argued to be for survival, by some I guess, but most wouldn't be quite that strict) is that considered art? Yeesh. (I mean not the book itself, but my reading of it. To myself. Alone.)

And after eight pages (a good third of the chapter), we finally get to the mention of the six steps in the chapter title. Pacing, dude!

The steps are a bit weird. When "Idiom" doesn't even have "idiom" in its description, and is instead ocused on style or genre, why isn't it called one of those, for simplicity's sake? And the bit about "the new kid" and the shiny surface... bitter, much? :p

I'd also suggest that not every creation follows those six steps as he claims, given that people work in different ways, for different purposes! I mean, like steps 3, 4, 5, and 6 might all be blurred together in a work that someone doesn't plan out, but just creates. But again, maybe I'm being needlessly picky. And he also seems to be using it more for a person's art in general so... I dunno. He has some good points, but he also seems to be trying to shoehorn life experience into a certain structure that may or may not work for all cases and lives.

"Hostility, rejection, and poverty are also possible, of course." Heh. And ouch.

Anyhow, please discuss!

Next week, the penultimate chapter! Which sounds just so dramatic. See the schedule! For the whole two entries left for this book...


Sep. 22nd, 2010 10:12 pm (UTC)
That seems like it's probably fair. I've been thinking that the entire book comes out of a need to defend what he likes (comics) by giving it a theoretical basis, so he can say "See, there's something to this! And it's art!"

Yeah, I've gotten that vibe as well. Which isn't to say I don't empathize with his viewpoint, but it does seem to color the book at times.

And yeah, he could maybe argue that reading a book was "taking part in" art, but I still say his definition is too broad and sweeping. But again, that's probably colored by his (suspected) goal.