Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Understanding Comics - September 13th reading

Eep! Yes, I forgot, mea culpa. But it's still the 13th! This might be a bit shorter than usual though, just because. (I'll try not to skimp though!)

This... well, time, we explore another part of comics that I've sort of mused about in the back of my mind but not necessarily put into words, the fact that a panel of a comic, while the artwork is frozen at a single moment, necessarily stretches further than that (well usually) due to dialogue, reactions, and so on. Although I don't think I ever took it further, to think about the fact that really the actions in a panel might be happening non-simultaneously. Which is just... weird, but makes sense at the same time.

Am I alone in not being sure though that I'd perceive the longer (physically) panel as taking longer in time though? Or in perceiving the wider gutters as longer intervals of time?

And I've also never heard "zip-ribbons" used for motion lines. Never! At least, I'm pretty sure not ever. Huh.

Anyhow, I guess when you really get down to the contents of this chapter, it's stuff that seems fairly self-evident, but at the same time, is hard to actually think about if you're not totally buried in the making of comics. So it's interesting!

Next time, assuming I don't forget *cough cough*, will be Chapter 5: Living in Line. Be there or.. well, you know the drill by now.
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