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Shopping as Therapy

So after being bummed out by various dead things earlier, I helped cheer myself up a bit by going on another spending spree at Of course, a lot of it was stuff that I wanted to get anyhow but hadn't yet, as it's out of print and I had to order from the "marketplace" on there, which I'm usually reluctant to do for some reason. But I figured I'd go ahead and order a bunch of stuff at once and be done with it.

The damages? Well:

    The Annotated Alice: The Definitive Edition
by Lewis Carroll (annotated by Martin Gardner)

    A Fire Upon the Deep
    A Deepness in the Sky
by Vernor Vinge

    A Night in the Lonesome October
by Roger Zelazny

    Hot Money
by Dick Francis

    Use of Weapons
by Iain M. Banks

Most of them are books that I'd seen spoken of well in multiple places, and/or been recommended straight out by friends. The Annotated Alice was something I saw mentioned in a newsgroup that sounded interesting (a version of Alice in Wonderland with annotations pointing out the various period bits and pieces that modern readers wouldn't tend to pick up, etc.), and Hot Money is a replacement for a book that I lent out and never returned.

Now I just have to wait for them to arrive...

Oh yeah, and wait for some more of that "free time" thingy.
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