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Parasha: The Thirteen Problems - full book thoughts

So. What is there to say about this?

I've always rather enjoyed this book of Miss Marple short stories, although some of them don't hold up quite as well under the magnifying glass that we put them under. Marple doesn't have the perfect personality, and is a bit too omniscient, but I tend to like her all the same and this is a nice way to see her abilities and personality on display, in a pretty nice variety of cases.

I am finding myself hyper-aware though of the whole class thing as I go through and read more Christie now - mostly the whole dismissal of the servants as "our people," and the way they're easily shuffled off-screen as not valid characters if the story doesn't choose one of them to be the culprit. I mean seriously, it seems to be either "the butler/cook/parlourmaid done it" or "well, except for the servants, who we can't seriously suspect in this case" (and no real reason given for that), one or the other.

Anyhow, I'd have to say that given my conscious druthers, I prefer the non-omniscient detectives, although that said, I'm drawn to Miss Marple, Poirot, and Sherlock Holmes, which kinda flies in the face of that. Well, I guess each character type has their charms, if they're done well.

Any other comments/things I forgot to mention/discussion? Anyone?

I hope everyone else also enjoyed reading along, and remember we start Understanding Comics on Monday the 6th.
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