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Parasha: Understanding Comics schedule (September 2010)

Alright, here's my stab at a schedule, since there's a nice handy-dandy table of contents and chapters and it looks like the chapters are, for the most part, at least somewhat similar in length!

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

(Of the Clan Mc... er, nevermind)

Monday, September 6th - Introduction + Chapter 1: Setting the Record Straight
Wednesday, September 8th - Chapter 2: The Vocabulary of Comics
Friday, September 10th - Chapter 3: Blood in the Gutter
Monday, September 13th - Chapter 4: Time Frames
Wednesday, September 15th - Chapter 5: Living in Line
Friday, September 17th - Chapter 6: Show and Tell
Monday, September 20th - Chapter 7: The Six Steps
Wednesday, September 22nd - Chapter 8: A Word About Color
Friday, September 24th - Chapter 9: Putting It All Together

How does that schedule look for everyone? We could also do readings on Tuesdays/Thursdays instead, but then the month would be crammed full (although I guess we could also smoosh chapters 7 and 8 together since they're a bit shorter)... or we could start a bit earlier or end a bit later, keeping the three-day-a-week schedule.

But I think this looks about as good as possible? Maybe? Any other thoughts? (Especially from someone who's read the book and knows how it flows...)
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