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Parasha: The Thirteen Problems - August 6th reading

Here we have a bit of a nice change of pace, since it switches from murder-mysteries to just a regular how-did-they-pull-that-off mystery. It's also a bit different in that while the cast is small, the implication is that the culprit is one person and the mystery is in how he did it, while actually it's something altogether different. I guess if there's really a main complaint with the story, it's that it's not all that exciting - but to me at least, mysteries don't have to be.

Ya gotta almost feel sorry for Raymond though, between being called romantic (which he totally is, despite his protests), and being basically called out as a credulous fool by his sweet old aunt. Of course, he does rather bring it upon himself.

Anyhow, not the most amazing short story in the history of the world ever, or anything, but nice enough!

Any other thoughts?
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