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Parasha: The Thirteen Problems schedule (August 2010)

I'll just use The Thirteen Problems to refer to the book, since that's what my copy is called. It was also released under The Tuesday Club Murders. So... either way.

Everyone's been fairly quiet, so I hope people are going to participate! Here's the schedule at any rate, unless there are objections:

Mon. August 2nd: 1 - The Tuesday Night Club
Wed. August 4th: 2 - The Idol House of Astarte
Fri. August 6th: 3 - Ingots of Gold
Mon. August 9th: 4 - The Blood-Stained Pavement
Wed. August 11th: 5 - Motive v. Opportunity
Fri. August 13th: 6 - The Thumb Mark of St. Peter
Mon. August 16th: 7 - The Blue Geranium
Wed. August 18th: 8 - The Companion
Fri. August 20th: 9 - The Four Suspects
Mon. August 23rd: 10 - A Christmas Tragedy
Wed. August 25th: 11 - The Herb of Death
Fri. August 27th: 12 - The Affair at the Bungalow
Mon. August 30th: 13 - Death By Drowning

I was going to attempt to wait a week or so into the month since I was late declaring the book, but that doesn't really work out... so hopefully people will have the time to get the book by the time we start. Or will be willing to catch up.

Unless, of course, there are any suggestions for other ways to schedule it. I guess we could do like four stories a week or something, but that seems a bit much. Then again, the stories are fairly short - around 15 pages each or so, so we could probably swing it.

It's up to y'all, but just speak up and let me know what you would prefer!
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