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Well, that was a dream alright...

I had an... interesting dream last night. Well, interesting to me, possibly not to anyone else. But I'm setting it down in text here mostly for my own interest... I don't always have dreams quite this story-like and (relatively) coherent, or at least, not that I can remember all that much of. So feel free to skip this entry if you have no interest in dream-ramblings! (Not that you need my permission, of course.)

So this started out as a back-to-school dream (shudder) from what I recall, but quickly veered off from there. I was staying at home for some reason, and had purchased... some sort of product! I completely forget what it was, something somewhat small in a carton or box of some sort, but rumors started cropping up that that particular type of product was haunted.

So of course I sat around keeping a weather eye on it, and sure enough, I saw it starting to twitch and move around all on its own now and then. For whatever reason I wasn't convinced that it was actually haunted, so I was watching it more and more closely... and suddenly, I see clearly what's making it move - very very tiny winged people. Fairies. They were a lot smaller than my usual concept of fairies - maybe a quarter of an inch or so? Barely large enough to even see that they were people - but fairies they were, in a small swarm around the object, moving it around. I caught some in a sort of spider web to get a closer look, then carefully freed them again when I was convinced that yes, they were real live fairies.

So I followed them as they flew, and found their nest, hive, whatever you'd want to call it, out in our little garden shed where we keep the lawn mower, etc etc. (Really a lot of etc.s in real life, but it was a bit more cleared-out in my dream. I wish I could harness the cleaning power of dreams for actual life.) There was apparently a hive of bees already in the garden, and the fairies were cleaning house, killing the bees (!) and carrying their bodies around, clearing them out of the shed.

Then in one of those little quirks of dreams, I somehow learned a few things about the fairies, but I have no idea where/how I learned them. The powers of Magic Dream Narration, I guess. For starters, there were five distinct types of fairy in a hive, each of a different color. There were white, green, yellow, red, and... I'm not sure what. I may not even have heard it in the dream - I mean, I know there were five because I "learned" that, but in a dream if they list off four and say it's five, you just roll with it, you know? The reds were attackers, and tied in somehow to fire, and also poison I think. One of the other types (white or yellow I think) was healing. I'm not sure what the other colors were tied to.

It also turns out that while the fairies had a chief of sorts, the real power behind a hive, nest, whatever of fairies was a banshee. And there were different forms of banshee - some were the more typical ghostly woman type (*shudder*... damn you Darby O'Gill), and some were like headless horsemen. These more malevolent banshees were of three specific types/subgenres - widowed, grieving, and... something else that I don't remember. But the banshees that were tied to fairy colonies were a much more benign sort, and were sort of a cross between a spider-web and a dream-catcher and were tucked away inside the nest somehow. And it was the power of this banshee that allowed nearby people to actually see and interact with the fairies, which is why suddenly I was able to see them.

And of course, that's just a setup for something bad to happen - there was someone with me, I think my mother (for a twist of the macabre), and they decided to play fetch with a kitten that happened to be on hand. (Seriously, I really don't know.) So they were throwing something OF COURSE into the garden shed for the kitten to fetch, and on one of the throws, OF COURSE either the object or kitten landed in the banshee and tore it to shreds, and *poof* the fairies vanished.

Of course, I wasn't willing to just sit back and accept that, so I went in and tried to repair the damage. I managed to find the banshee, and fitted its torn strands back together. While I held them, its power came back and I could see the fairies again, so I talked to them and had the healing-types use their powers of healing on the banshee. They almost healed it up... but not quite. A little more was needed.

So the chief of the fairies told me that what was needed was that I go into his mind, and find a bit of the banshee's power (or his power or something, it was a bit vague) that would take the form of a little golden key. The trick (you know there had to be one) was that the longer I was in his mind and the further I went, the more dangerous it was and the more likely that I'd just get lost in there and never make it out. So I went delving in his mind, which took the form of a large house with various rooms, and started rummaging around for this key, but finally just had to give up as it was a huge task.

But then I stopped and thought for a bit, and had a Bright Idea, and asked him to let me back into his mind. And I go to explore and lo and behold, there's a little version of the garden shed on the grounds of his mental house, and I go in there, and there's the key.

So I claim the key, and I assume the banshee was healed and everything was spiffy. But then I kind of started to wake up and fell asleep again, and the dream shifted to me waking up from a dream, and starting to tell this group of people all about it. And I just assumed it was a dream, but when I got to one part (I think it was the golden key), a dwarf named Gale jumped up and was like "that's it! That's what I need" or some such, and it turned out that he was.. trapped somehow? And needed to find some sort of golden key of the same sort to escape. And me and my familiar or animal companion or something of the sort that was tied to me exclaimed "you killed a banshee?" in horrified unison, and that's when I actually woke up for good.

The end. I think. Seriously, I really don't know. I just don't.

And if you read to the end of that, I'm impressed! And apologize for the length and meandering, but like I said I just wanted to get it all out for my own future memories, mostly. And I hope you at least somewhat enjoyed the trip into my bizarre subconscious.
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