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Abandon All Hope...

So tonight when I went to feed my pond fish, I found the second dead fish in as many days. This one is one that I'd been expecting to find dead for a couple days now, honestly, as it had previously seemed exhausted and as if it were on its "last fins" so to speak. But I'm starting to worry - it's possible that the fish had been spawning, and two of them got exhausted enough to die. And as I said before I've checked the chemicals in the pond, and they all seem to be alright. But I just don't know.

Then to top things off, as I was heading out the door with a bag to scoop out the dead fish, I was greeted by the image of the dog grabbing onto a baby chick that must have fallen to the ground as it was learning to fly. I tried to get it away from her, and it did seem to be barely alive and letting out a sad peep the first time I managed to pry her jaws away, but before I could even move to grab it she whipped around and snatched it up again. By the time I could pry it loose again, the bird was just dead.

So not only did I get to throw away my dead fish, but I also got to then throw away a dead baby bird as well that was just learning to fly, and as I carried the bag around to the front of the house I got to sit and listen to the worried cheepings of the parent birds looking for their baby.

I'm starting to just feel like this is the House of Death already.

*sigh* Well, back to my weekly reviews, then to work. Joy.
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