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Parasha: The Princess Bride June 28th reading

Erk, I just realized that though the discussion has been up, we've never picked a book for next month. I'll post after this, and we can figure out if we want to pick something last-minute, or take a month off.

I like how we have the nice actiony racing-to-the-rescue scene, just after which Goldman bluntly makes even clearer that, oops, hey, they're too late. Not even any flourishes about the thing. It's also interesting to see the "Mawidge" thing in the book as well as in the movie. I don't know why I didn't really expect it, maybe because it seems like a more audio-type gag, but I didn't.

It's even better to see the "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya..." it's like meeting an old friend. :) And I don't even know what to say about the fight scene and all, because dude!

"This baggage here"? So romantic, Westley. Not to mention the "you are property of" thing, although I guess he wanted to sound overbearing and as if he were just being dictatorial, instead of helpless.

And really... I don't know what to say to the rest, since it's very movie-version-ish, and I'm too familiar with it, except for the tiered endings. There's the "father's ending," and the "real ending" which is the Morgenstern ending, so sort of the official ending? But at the same time, Goldman's the real writer, so one could probably assume that his "guesses" at how it turned out are meant to be the "real real" ending. But not solidly so. Very weird effect.

Anyhow, please comment! Sometime in a day or so I'll post a wrap-up thread. Unless of course I forget!

No schedule, because duh.
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