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Parasha: The Princess Bride June 23rd reading

As a quick reminder, there is discussion goin' on for next month and, indeed, future months!

"Goo-gooing with whats-her-name"?? Oh for...

I'm definitely liking Buttercup at the start of this section more than Westley. I mean, both little internal monologues are over-the-top in the romance department, but Buttercup's just fixed on loving Westley, while Westley is fixed on just knowing that Buttercup will have to love him, because he loves her. Ugh. I guess this was after stalkers, but before restraining orders.

So: Bigger bastard, the Count, or the Prince? Hard question... the Count is at least a more straightforward bastard: he likes pain, and doesn't really make any great pretense for the most part about what he is. But then again, he likes to make people suffer. The Prince on the other hand is more of a manipulative bastard, and less straightforward, but at least seems to be more about Power, rather than actively hurting others (although he doesn't care when they're hurt in the process). So... thoughts? I think I'd lean toward the Prince being worse, but it's a tough call!

I wonder how hard it would have been normally to guess that "the quiet one" was Fezzik? I mean, given the movie and the fact that I knew from before reading the book, it's hard to tell! Oh well, I guess subtlety isn't necessarily the point, anyhow.

Also, for someone that's not good at planning and logic, Inigo is pretty damn good at them (when he doesn't get overtaken by passion). But what do I know?

And quite a cliffhanger for the end of the chapter eh? Eh?

Le schedule, mesdames et mesieurs.
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