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Parasha: The Princess Bride June 16th reading

Anyone still alive out there? Anyone?

More character background, this time for Fezzik, who has a similar-but-not-exact rhyming thing going on with his character from the movie. Groovy. We also noticeably don't get a background for the Sicilian, since he's supposed to be a) less sympathetic, and b) more dead.

One thing about Goldman's writing - he loves toying with the audience, and their/our expectations. Just a couple readings ago he was stopping mid-action to reassure the audience that the Princess doesn't get eaten by sharks at this time, and now he's going the opposite route, during the fight between the Man in Black and Fezzik. Not to mention that in Inigo's backstory he played with the expectations of Domingo being exploited by his old friend... only to turn around and have Fezzik actually be exploited by his parents, who, we are told, love him very much. (And then have THEM die in the course of about two off-handed sentences.)

And of course the Big Reveal at the end of the section, where we find out that The Man In Black = Westley. Although it's hard to tell by how he acts toward Buttercup... I mean, being pissed for supposed inconstancy is one thing, but his treatment of her goes beyond that. But it's supposed to be okay, because it's really True Love, really. Meh, ah well.

Revenge of the Schedule.
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