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Ack, almost forgot to do this!

And here we get the background on Inigo, who everyone who's seen the movie loves, but there was never room there for such things. (Okay, "everyone" may be overstating it, but not by much!)

"Love is many things, none of them logical." A very nice summing up, I do believe.

If I recall correctly, each time I read this section, I start off thinking that Inigo's father is being taken advantage of, but it very quickly turns each time on its head - perhaps he is, but it's by his own choice, or even insistence. Which is a nice twist.

And, I must say, knowing the whole story behind the sword and what happened gives a little more punch to the whole "you killed my father" thing... And the duelling scene is also pretty interesting and a bit different from this perspective.

Anyhow, I'm very sleepy, so if there is more to say about this section, I will have to dredge it up out of my mind later on in comments. Or someone else could do it for me!

The Return of the Schedule.