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And here's where we start having to chop the chapters/parts themselves up. Yipe.

We now have Princess Buttercup, and we also have our introduction to the Man in Black. *sigh* It would be interesting to be able to go back and read this with fresh eyes, so to speak...

Also, I like how the trio are instantly identified as a Sicilian, Spaniard, and Turk. With various "perhaps" and such sprinkled in. For some reason, that never struck me before - I was just too used to hearing them called that. (Well, until we start to call them other things.)

(And I'd almost forgotten that there was no rhyming in the sailing across the water, in the book version. No peanuts. Boo! But there is inconceivableness.)

Really though, it's hard to think of something to say for this section. It's mostly action (and less of the editorial bits), and we're also starting to get into the places where it mirrors the movie more closely, so it's harder to step back and look at the text objectively.

Goldman doesn't start out with very sympathetic characters in general, though, does he?