Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: The Princess Bride June 7th reading

Figure I'll get this up while LJ is somewhat cooperating... *knocks on wood*

Did we have any requests for a spoiler section, yet?

Moral of the story, or at least the very first few pages: beauty is a fleeting thing, and you shouldn't rely on it. Which would come across more nicely if beauty weren't also so quickly linked to weight, the smallest wrinkles, and so on. Not to mention that "the most beautiful" is just silly since beauty is so subjective, but that's a silly amount of nitpicking for what is essentially a fairy tale so I'll stop.

Florin is between Germany and Sweden, apparently. So... it is Denmark? Or was he really not intending to make it any specific place, and just kinda landed in Denmark by accident?

You know, one thing that strikes me is that for a book on true love, romance, etc.... the marriages in this book thus far suck. So I guess romance is only for people before they marry?

Also, I'd forgotten how very unsympathetic Buttercup is at the beginning of the book! I guess romance not only requires a lack of marriage, but ignores the qualities of the actual people involved?

(And if one hadn't yet figure out just what type of book this was going to be, "before Europe" but "after America" would pretty much have nailed it...)

Anyhow, it's a bit hard to know now what else to say about this! I mean, the humor is definitely.. different, but analyzing humor has always seemed to miss the point. And it's all set-up, so there's not much in the way of action yet, plus I'm wary of spoiling things just in case someone is capable of being spoiled.

So... I guess that'll do for now? If I think of anything else, it'll be in comments.

Scheduly scheduleness.
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