Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Lyrics Meme: Answers

Sorry, running a bit late on these! The ones in italics were the ones that were guessed, and the person that guessed them comes after. The answers are on the lines below the lyrics.

1. But if your hopes should pass away, simply pretend that you can build them again. - khedron

"Hazy Shade of Winter" by the Bangles

2. Your secret life of indiscreet discretions

"Bang and Blame" by R.E.M.

3. 'Cause you had your turn, and now you're gonna learn what it really feels like to miss me. - prince_corwin, although the artist hasn't technically been given.

This was "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" by Beyonce. Probably with an accent thingy over the e.

4. Tired eyes, tears that dried, on the bed, on the pillow, where the love has died

This, I might well not have gotten if I'd just been looking at it in a lyrics meme, myself. It's from "Heart and Soul" by T'Pau (remember them? Yeah? No? Heh.) But seeing it on the page looks different from how it sounds when sung/chanted.

5. Murder now the path called "must we" - dakhran

"Sober" from Tool

6. I sailed my ship of safety 'til I sank it. - prodigal

Indigo Girls, "Closer to Fine"

7. If you don't expect too much from me, you might not be let down. - dscotton

"Hey Jealousy" from the Gin Blossoms

8. Can you tell me, is there something more to believe in? Or is this all there is?

"It Can't Rain All the Time" (somewhat fitting for the weather around here right now...) by Jane Siberry. (Remember her too? No?) It was from The Crow soundtrack.

9. Chicken in the bread pan, picking out dough. - khedron, although I gotta give some credit at least to prince_corwin who knew the artist at least in another chat, but couldn't think of the song's name.

Everyone knows/loves "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" by Charlie Daniels!

10. New alien spawn, we reinvent the dawn, and no one's style compares.

Orgy's "Opticon"

Anyhow, hope that was at least somewhat amusing for someone!
Tags: memes, music

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