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Parasha: V for Vendetta, May 26th reading

Sorry this is late, currently trying to un-screw my sleep cycle, so my sleep is, um, screwy.

Um, wow. Lots of... stuff. Yeah.

First off, I was obviously misreading it last time. I thought Finch hadn't got a shot off, and was just looking at his own blood and being all like "oh hai, I killed you!" But yeah. Damnit, V. But at least I feel he's less of a bastard (although still a loon) when he's willing to so casually clear *himself* out of the way as well, to allow a freer ground to rebuild.

I'll admit to having to cheat a bit and read the wikipedia section, to see just what was going on at the end there with the mask. I mean, it was confusing enough with all Evey's false starts, but I'm still not sure about whether she looked or not (wiki Pete says no, but I'm not sure), but we at least don't see. Which is... fitting I guess, but annoying to my hyper-curious self. But not entirely unexpected either. But still. Grr. (Even though I suspect he was someone who would be utterly meaningless to us, other than as number V at that prison.

And, being *horrible* with faces, I'm not even sure who he other two "possibilities" were other than Evey and her father, plus I had no idea who it was that Evey saved at the end (thus continuing the cycle, in a way) until I read Wikipedia. Which is not how I want to figure out a book, y'know? But I was confused! (Probably, the lack of sleep did not help.)

I'm glad that Finch survived, although I'm sorta wondering why Helen did as well, although maybe it's because whatever else she is, she's a survivor? That, and doesn't tend to put herself directly into harm's way.

I'm still skeptical that V would have been able to manipulate *everything* just to the extent he does, but hey, at least it falls within the "suspension of disbelief" umbrella. I would be skeptical that Evey could fill his shoes at all, except that it seems she's slated to be a rebuilder, rather than really follow in his footsteps.

Anyhow, I guess any further discussion on my part can wait for the comments, or wait to discuss the book as a whole.

Maybe later I'll put up a poll or another post, try to hash out what to do next month?
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