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Parasha: V for Vendetta, May 24th reading

Almost done! And I won't include the schedule at the end, since after this it's just reading til the end...

Very definitely an... interesting fourth chapter. We find out why Finch has been acting so weird... he's been trying to get into V's head. Which is a scary, scary place to be. I will offer no comments on how accurate the drug sequences are though, since it's not something I've ever experienced! Some definite guilt tripping going on though, which is good because I like Finch (at least in comparison to most of the cast), and want him to feel guilty about what he's done, even if he doesn't feel he had a choice.

It's nice to see Evey calling V on some of his bullshit, even if it seems to just slide off like a water off a duck's back. It's also getting more and more obvious that he's not planning to live through his little revolution, which is... fitting I guess? But also still insane. And I'm a bit disappointed that Evey's not picking up on the fact, since it seems fairly glaring. She says she's gotten smarter, but really, she's just picked up more knowledge.

I'm also noticing that people don't seem to be getting the whole "treating possible future leaders carefully" thing down. So much for politics... I mean, Mrs. Bitch treats her own leader she's grooming like a slave, literally, when after he's in the top spot he could turn on her easily. And Creedy's not exactly gaining the respect of his little sidekick. Granted, said sidekick is playing both sides of the field, but you think he might act with a *little* more respect, just in case Creedy does come out on top regardless. Then again, I guess sex clouds the judgement?

Hrm, I'm really not sure I buy Finch managing to just stumble into the one place V's chosen as his hidey-hole, even after "getting into his head." In fact, I'm pretty sure I specifically don't buy it, but I guess it's one of those smaller things you have to swallow for the sake of the story.

"I've got a special rose for him" indeed. Oh hell. Now, I really don't buy that even V could predict just what Rosemary was going to do, but damn at least it's poetic. And a symbol of vengeance, indeed.

Also trying to figure out if Finch is insane now too, or just dizzy from loss of blood. And if he's supposed to be dying or not - I hope not, since as I said, he's one of the most sympathetic of the characters. But we'll see.
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