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Strange Game Cravings...

You know, if this was food (and I currently had, ya know, a boyfriend or something) I'd wonder if I were pregnant. ^^;;

I've got semi-current games that I could be playing, you know. Hell, I've barely even started Devil May Cry III. Then again, about all you need to do is visit a recent Penny Arcade strip for my own experiences with that so far. Or I could pick up Resident Evil 4 and give it a spin, since I've heard Very Good Things.

But instead, what have I been playing the past couple days? (Well, other than Sprung on the DS, but that doesn't count).. I've been going back to play Gallop Racer 2004. *sigh* And now that I'm on my 3rd year in this time, I'm having strong urgings to go back and play two other games. Final Fantasy X, and The Bouncer. Like, WTF?

So now I'm trying to figure out which I should play. My cravings are leaning more toward FFX, but on the other hand, that takes so long. I hate the thought of starting yet *another* game only to abandon it partway through, and The Bouncer at least is relatively short to get through one playthrough. But... I just don't know. *sigh* The thought of Blitzball though... yum. I think FFX is going to win. (Especially since I can then go into FFX-2 with some momentum and maybe churn through it this time...)

On a side note, whenever I play a Gallop Racer game, it brings up another gaem in my mind for some weird reason... Vampire Hunter D. I have *no* clue why this weird association exists. Perhaps the first time I picked up the first (or even second) Gallop Racer game was around the time I picked up the VHD game, I really don't know. But it's a weird mental association to have, and I really wish I knew the reason for it.

On a side side note, I also need to figure out what I want to review next for manga_soapbox, since I don't want to let the (slight) momentum I've got going there go to waste.
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