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Parasha: V for Vendetta, May 21st reading

Sleepy today, so don't know how in-depth my comments will be. (Well, if they ever are! But I try!)

Hrm... V calls Evey "Eve" now... odd. For one thing it takes away the "V" part of her name, in a way (the sound, obviously the letter is still there), and since he's mentioning something about Christmas, it gels with that...?

For symmetry's sake, it would be more fitting that the book ends as a whole when in the year it began, but instead Book Three begins where Book One begins, one year later.

Nice gift though... three days of privacy. Although I guess Mr. Etheridge won't appreciate it...

It's a bit sad, but realistic, just how petty so many of the various acts are when people realize they're not being watched for now. Although I do adore the "bollocks" girl...

And I'm not exactly convinced (to put it mildly) that anarchy would result in voluntary order, but then V I expect isn't supposed to be the most reliable commentator. (Again with the understatements!)

And so of course Helen, who we've barely seen, is a major woman-behind-the-scenes. Somehow it's not surprising that in such a society, a woman couldn't take a number one role openly.

And as the Leader cracks up, it turns out that V is actually manipulating Fate from behind the scenes... innnteresting. He does seem to be a bit... omni-capable though.

And... well, there's tons more I could talk about, but really I feel like I'd just be rehashing what's happening in the story, because there's just *so much* suddenly falling into place, like V's dominoes. Rosemary and her gun, the possible coups brewing, Finch, the hiring of the thugs... it's all just sweeping to a grand conclusion, and it looks like whatever else it is, it'll be interesting.

Le Schedule.
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