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Parasha: V for Vendetta, May 19th reading

So. Wow. V is a bastard.

Well, okay, I guess maybe V isn't so much a bastard as just looney. I can see a sort of warped logic and love: this is, pretty much, the sort of thing he went through (except less with the attempting-a-confession, and more with just the "you are unfit to live"). This is what caused him to be "reborn" and free, and he wants it for Evey too, and sees only the one way to give it to her.

But ouch.

At least I'm proud of her though for carrying herself well throughout, especially for a 16-year-old who's always been kept under the government's thumb! One must wonder, though... what would V have done, had Evey not acted as she did, and stuck to her guns?

So yeah, after that, there doesn't seem like much to comment on! I do wonder if Rose is supposed to just be nervous, or be pregnant perhaps from one of her encounters (cause you know a woman can't be sick without being pregnant!)

And I think it shows growth in Evey that she lets the rose grow, rather than plucking it/signing the guy's death warrant (although I might argue that he deserved it).

And is V a hacker now, or is the Leader just going nuts?

But yes... most of the entry is taken up with the "OMG what is V doing to poor Evey" thing, cause damn.

Scheduley scheduleness.
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