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Parasha: V for Vendetta, May 14th reading

Argh, cannot... wake... up today.

Anyhow, a very... interesting video from V! And pretty, um, strict. No V, you cannot fire humankind! (As tempting as it's been at times, I must admit...) Here's hoping he just means it as a wake-up call and wouldn't follow through on the threat, though like prince_corwin I don't have faith in him being quite that... beneficent.

(There also seems to be a bit of a god complex creeping in, with the start of it...)

And did ANYONE really expect him to be the figure they shot down? Especially after last time, seeing the figure that Evey knocked down? Anyone?

And back to Good Cop... Why did you hit him? Because he was an asshole of course!

Good to see Evey's getting back on her feet somewhat, although the way that she fortuitously stumbled across a good person that'd take her in, not take advantage of her, and help her out unconditionally makes me all paranoid that V might be behind it somehow... but that's reaaaally stretching things, I'm sure. Especially the way things work out...

But at any rate, just as she does get back on her feet, (or off them, wink wink nudge nudge), looks like life's going to hit her alongside the head again. So looks like Evey might be going proactive! Can't wait to see what he does...

scheduley goodness!
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