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Parasha: V for Vendetta, May 10th reading

Okay, any sympathy for Almond... now gone. Bitter Almond, indeed. Guess his wife is lucky V was so kind as to get rid of him for her? What with the church as such a big government thing, I'm assuming divorce probably isn't gonna happen. Especially for government officials.

Mask = more and more creepy. Just sayin'. Although with the reading to sleep with nursery rhymes bit, I WAS leaning more and more toward "actually her father" as an explanation of who V is. And my first thought was "Maybe he'll end up hooking up with the medical examiner? Since she is seeming to have some Great Importance to the story. (And surely it couldn't be just as a character!)"... but yeah, guess not. Unless he's supposed to be even more messed up mentally than I suspect!

(Also, I suspect that the whole suspense about the revolver is much less effective when you've just read that it's not loaded a couple pages ago, rather than an issue ago.)

It's very... creepy reading the excerpts of the diary. The way the subjects are referred to not only by name, but also "one of the blacks," "the Asian," "the lesbian," and so forth. (Which, I expect, is the point... I'm almost surprised the names are included at all.) Except for V, who is just the subject in Room 5, since I suppose that'd be giving us more info on just who he is. Well, okay, and since he tore out any pages that might identify him.

And sheesh, with all these scientist types at the camp and all, no one knew basic chemistry? Blah.

Anyhow, I say I *was* leaning toward V being Evey's father, but when I went back to check her story, he was rounded up in September of 1993, at which point it looks like the experiments had already started, according to the diary, and in fact V was already taking over the gardening. I hate it when a beautiful theory gets shot down so ignominiously.

As a final note, I'm torn between whether I feel any sympathy for the doctor or not. We're *told* she was a good woman, and there's the bit about the experiment and all... but in the end my position just tends to be that even with all that, what she did in the camps was horrible, and frankly she deserved what she got.

And the schedule for the rest is here.
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