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Parasha: V for Vendetta, May 7th reading

So we get to see inside the head of the Leader, but it falls rather short of sympathetic when it turns out he's a jackass willing to tread over everyone else (unsurprising!), plus we've already seen the results of his leadership. And his love affair with the computer is just creepy.

And it turns out, surprise surprise, that V is crazy! Well, either that or way overly dramatic. Because dialogues with statues of Justice are not for normal people! Then again, neither is blowing up Parliament, but it needed blowing up. (Also? Love affairs with statues are as creepy as those with computers.) Also I can't really agree with his monologue about Justice... yeah, the word has been perverted by the current regime, but that's not truly Justice, it's Law. There's a difference.

Love affairs with pigtailed little girls? Creepiest of all! And just wrong. Not that that needed saying, I'm sure, but might as well keep up with the theme. We also start a nice theme about the devil (and comparing him with V of all people, who's probably the best of the bunch except for Evey, not that that's saying much). The "Sympathy For the Devil" quote is a nice touch.

The links to Room V make me wonder just how much of this crusade for V is actually rising against a corrupt government, and how much of it is just personal revenge. Guess we'll have to Read And Find Out. (Or I will, anyhow.) I'm also wondering what the "kill me sentiment" line is about.

We also meet one "Delia," who given her reaction to the rose that V left, I'm suspecting has some importance yet to be shown. We shall see! (And also, just how likely is it that these random people are going to recognize a type of rose that's thought to be extinct, when probably 99.9% of the population wouldn't be able to identify rose species that are still alive...?)

Anyhow, it seems like there might have been some other thoughts rattling around in here somewhere, but if I dredge them up I'll add them to comments.

Remember, the schedule is here, next reading will be on Friday!
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