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Parasha: V for Vendetta, May 5th reading

First off... I haven't read this before or watched the movie, so keep this in mind. I may speculate and it may end up sounding spoilery, or just ridiculous, or what have you. But I'm doing this from a fresh perspective.

Likewise, I won't be doing a spoiler sections for obvious reasons, unless people who have read/watched before want one, which I'll put up and then try to ignore. ;) So just let me know.

I'm assuming that this isn't just a "future" (which would be our past, technically, damn time passing), but a future of a slightly alternate world, given the "President Kennedy" stuff, although that could just be assumed to be Ted Kennedy or some such. At any rate, whichever the case, it's pretty obviously a product of the fixation of the time with possible nuclear bombings, and the Cold War. Except here, England prevails. If you'll pardon the expression.

I'm also at a bit of a disadvantage I suppose in not being part of British culture. I mean, I know about Guy Fawkes, but I don't really know the culture as much of Guy Fawkes day, what it means to an Englishman viscerally, and all that. So I suspect I may be missing out some, there.

At any rate, the story does a good job of making us sympathize with V, even as a terrorist (which is a much naughtier word these days), and hope for the downfall of the establishment even in a very short space. The obvious fright and nervousness of Evey is a nice touch. The backstory in chapter 3 is a bit more heavy-handed, but then it's hard to see how it could have been handled better and still convey the history of what happened.

And now of course, I'm wondering just who V is. So far my speculations have run to Almond (unlikely), and Evey's father (if it wasn't just happenstance that he ended up rescuing her).

Also: the mask is creepy!

That should work to at least hopefully spark some discussion! Remember, the next part (chapters 5-8) will be on Friday. Schedule here.
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