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Parasha: Verra tentative V schedule

Alright, any thoughts on this...? Trying to figure out about where it probably broke between the ten books, since that seems like the most natural series of places to chop it up...(Actually, I poked around a bit on the net, and think I found the breakdown, so here goes.)

Wednesday, May 5th: Book 1, Chapters 1-4
Friday, May 7th: Book 1, Chapters 5-8
Monday, May 10th: Book 1, Chapters 9-11
Wednesday, May 12th: Book 2, Prelude, Chapters 1-3
Friday, May 14th: Book 2, Chapters 4-7
Monday, May 17th: Book 2, Chapters 8-11
Wednesday, May 19th: Book 2, Chapters 12-14, Interlude
Friday, May 21st: Book 3, Prelude, Chapters 1-3
Monday, May 24th: Book 3, Chapters 4-7
Wednesday, May 26th: Book 3, Chapters 8-11

So, if anyone has any proposed changes (wanting it to start later to get more time to get the book for instance), let me know!

Also let me know if anyone wants a spoiler space, although I won't be talking in it/reading it, since I haven't read the book!
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