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The final chapters!

Once again I'm going to weasel out a bit, and just post this placeholder, or prompt for discussion for now. Not so much because I forgot it this time, but because my whole system is loopy and feeling crappy and lethargic due to weird sleeping, and I've been kinda putting off posting until I feel more awake and better, and it's now running late already and...

Well, here. Have a placeholder!

(Seriously, I hope to comment soonish, and hate to flake out and do this for the last discussion of the book minus the round-up, but I want to get *something* up. So.. mea maxima culpa.)


May. 3rd, 2010 01:01 am (UTC)
Other comments...

From previous post:

re: turning water into wine, "'Well, it's been done,' she said loudly." I'm not sure I quite caught the reference before. ;)

I had the same reaction! When I was 10, that wasn't something I got. "There was quite a vogue for it, I remember, but it's really a bit dated these days." I also like how (I think) he completely just pulled one over on the skull -- not magic at all, pure misdirection.

Later: "I send all my princesses to him." Heh. But there are too many other good bits to quote, so I shan't.

Like desdenova, Beagle also reminds me of Patricia McKillip, with the very lyrical writing. Most of her stories have that dreamy poetic quality, especially the later ones where it's almost not so much what happens as it is the writing that keeps me coming back. Earlier work is a bit more restrained, or grounded, or some such, but even _Fool's Run_ is full of imagery and leaves you having to piece together what happened a bit.