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Ack ack ack! I forgot about this, going to go ahead and just post the start for the discussion until I read and comment on it, which I'll probably do tomorrow.

(Chapter 12, for what it's worth)

Also, Friday we wrap up the book with two chapters, so don't forget! (Like, y'know, I just did. Mea culpa!)

I think I'll skip the spoiler discussion this time, since we'll be wrapping up in like 1 1/2 days anyhow! And since it's almost never used anyhow... let me know though if you do want it this time for some reason. :p


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Apr. 30th, 2010 01:00 am (UTC)
*pokepoke* Anyone alive out there?

My main wonder at the start of the chapter at least is whether or not Schmendrick's magic is as bad as it seems here. I mean, the skull's obviously able to speak from the start, or at least that's the implication, so it's just toying with the wizard, and maybe any or all of his spells would have worked on an actual inanimate skull.

Also: For all his faults, I'm not sure I blame Haggard for decapitating his guardsman, if said guardsman were even worse when alive.

re: turning water into wine, "'Well, it's been done,' she said loudly." I'm not sure I quite caught the reference before. ;)

The bit about time is eloquent... and also depressing. But I suppose nothing new, even if it's put well on paper here. And come to think of it, it was probably a bit newer at the, er, time.

Characters assassins? Plagiarists? And I actually had to look up mosstroopers.

It seems a bit silly of Haggard to destroy their only way out, if he didn't want them going there in the first place. But oh well.

Anyhow, things are coming obviously to a head, and tomorrow should wrap it up with the last couple chapters.

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