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Parasha: The Last Unicorn - April 26rd reading (non-spoilers)

Yes yes Lir. You and your poems you already have written are SO going to live without hope. Poor boy.

Now I'm all curious as to whether miracle and mirror do have the same origin. I'm suspecting this was made up, especially since he's obviously wrong about the spelling, but I don't know! Why *would* they?

Gazelle and asphodel? Please, do not let Lir ever write poems to me!

It's a bit odd that he's holding her with his gaze as he's held chimeras and griffins (as he spells it), when she's actually a mythical creature much like them. So... it's fitting?

And something blooms between Amalthea and the Prince, and the King is still... Haggard. In all ways. And poor Molly Grue, yeesh. He really does pile the work on her, doesn't he?

I had forgotten so much happens in this one chapter, because we also learn where the unicorns are kept. Which is really stupid of King Haggard, but hey. I guess if he truly has no fear, then there's nothing to keep him from pulling stupid moves like telling your target of the location of her quest?

Anyhow, have at it!
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