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Parasha: The Last Unicorn - April 23rd reading (non-spoilers)

This actually starts out with a segue from the last chapter, which is the type of thing it's a lot easier to miss with this reading style. Ah well.

Gotta love Lir's list. It's a wonder any common folk manage to live in this particular world! And a wonder that a) people wouldn't recognize a unicorn and b) Mommy Fortuna only could find two real mythical creatures for her show, what with all these things running about! Although granted, a lot less of them now after Lir's done! Personally, he reminds me of a kitty dragging a dead bird to leave on its master's porch, thinking it's a lovely gift. And that's without even taking into account that Amalthea is really a unicorn, which he doesn't know.

It's also not the most effective character development, when we know Lir for a fool/spoiled princeling for all of one chapter, then the next he's a hero, and only from his own word at that. But I'm not really complaining, because the book's not about that. Just sayin'.

Also: damnit, the poor horsie! Man, that distracts me from the rest of the chapter. Grrr. Some hero, Lir you idiot, getting your horse all hurt and killed, and then just treating it like a footnote. Grrr grr.

The debate about what the Red Bull really is, I wonder if any of the theories are true. My money's on the demon explanation, if only because it's from the fourth man-at-arms, who is more silent than the rest, and thus more wise.

Also, I've always liked the little episode with the cat, either in the book or the movie, where he suddenly becomes a pirate-cat. And when he speaks his riddle, he reminds me of the butterfly at the beginning, when it has its one moment of true speech, rather than bits and scraps of poetry and song.
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