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Thoughts on Mass Effect 2 added content

I meant to post something on this, but forgot. It also took me a while to get through the Firewalker stuff, since I'm playing it during my current OMG What Was I Thinking playthrough, so...

For the non-spoily review bit, I guess I'll just say that the stuff in general is about what you'd expect for the price point. Not anything earth shattering, nothing game-breaking in a bad way either. If I were to give specific recommendations, it'd be for the added member pack, maybe a bit against the Firewalker pack, although I'm torn on that... and the other stuff is pretty much What You See is What You Get.

As for slightly more in-depth stuff, there may be some spoilers for general content, but I'll avoid anything beefy, not that there really is much beefy for this bit of added content. I mean, it's not like spoiling the ending of a game or whatever! But if you want to know absolutely nothing about the new member, outfits, what the packs contain, etc., don't look!

Well, it looks like the list of Things Fem!Shepard Can't Do has grown to twice its former length! Namely:

1. Dance
2. Wear a dress

Seriously, the phrase "gorilla in a dress" comes to mind, which sucks because in her normal clothes Shepard strikes me as somewhat agile/graceful... but it's apparently in a more combat-oriented way, not in an elegant way. And seriously, dude, do not put on a dress and then just plop yourself down as usual, legs akimbo, to talk to people! Bad Commander!

Edit: Meant to add that this is another example of why Pants Are Good. Yes, I realize that dresses are a totally different thing than pantsless female armor, but still! Shepard should definitely have pants! So yes, pants = yesplease. Unless they are schleets.

The new party member is nice, much better than Zaeed at any rate! Although I have a feeling I may have made the wrong decision at the tail end of her loyalty mission, as I'm having flashbacks to the Mirror of Erised now...

Oh, and JUST what Shepard needs... more accessible booze! At this rate the next ship's name is gonna be not the Normandy III, but the Exxon Valdez.

And hey, at least Jack has some CLOTHES now, although I'll admit I'm not blown away by the rest of the outfits in the outfit pack. I feel kinda silly for downloading it in the first place. Ah well.

As for the vehicle stuff... congratulations Bioware. You've managed to make vehicle missions even more dull and pointless than the MAKO stuff! "Annoying" is a toss-up, since the MAKO had the terrain, and the Hammerhead has That One Damn Geth Mission. The MAKO wins out on monotonous and time-consuming, but hey, at least we still have the Planet Scanning to make up for that. So... good on ya!

Seriously, it's a shame that the vehicle stuff wasn't more, well, FUN, because I like the Hammerhead controls a lot better than the MAKO. It jumps very nicely, and handles well. It moves quick, feels light-weight, can dash, and has one general weapon that's powerful *and* fast. Plus little in the way of irritating terrain, more self-contained missions...

It's just a pity that the missions are few and, well, DULL. Oh, and really annoying, in the case of That Damn Geth Mission with no bloody save points, and little way to tell when the tissue-paper armor of the Hammerhead has about had it. Other than, y'know, catching on fire directly before you explode to bits! And I don't miss breaking stuff down into Omni-Gel, but I miss being able to heal my vehicle, damnit. I also miss having, y'know, a MAP, and a quick way back to the Normandy. I also miss being able to get out and shoot stuff pretty much wherever I like, as opposed to just getting out like two or three places to go into a boring building!

Also a few quick little mentions about the main game itself now that I'm very very familiar with it, and going back through again:

I still wish I could sit down whoever though it would be a good idea to have such a structured "mission" system and whoever thought it would be a good idea NOT TO LET YOU HEAL YOUR PARTY and have a "talk" with them. Ditto the people who thought "well, if the equipment system was annoying... let's just do away with it ALTOGETHER!" Grrr. Also hoping for more DragonAge-like party interaction in ME3!

And one other thing that bugs me each time I see it in the game but keep forgetting to mention: the "two-way mirror" in Jack's cell. Yes, Jack. We have them out in the real world, too. We call them WINDOWS.
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