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A definite case of "be careful what you wish for..." as the trio have been seeking the Red Bull, and boy, have they found him. So... what was the plan, again?

I'm also wondering now... why a bull? And What's Up with this one? I mean it's obviously a magical creature, but... I dunno. Nice descriptions of him, though. Very sinister.

As an aside... I wonder why Schmendrick can't touch the unicorn? Is it something to do with innocence, or purity of heart?

"As though his green eyes were beginning the search for his magic in Molly Grue's eyes." Now there's a lovely sentence, which I just had to repeat. And again, later on, the girl finding herself in Molly and Schmendrick's eyes, and her own eyes giving her nature away. An echo of the idea that the eyes are the window to the soul, I suppose.

We also have the fulfillment of the various bits of foreshadowing from before, Schmendrick's story of the unicorn being turned human, and Molly Grue's wishing at one point that the unicorn could be mortal briefly, to see what it's like. Again, be careful what you wish for...

We also get Schmendrick's brief story, and find out that he's temporarily immortal as well. I wonder just how old he is...?

Anyhow, lots happening in this chapter! Or one main thing happening really, but it's a doozy. So.. discuss!


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Apr. 20th, 2010 12:27 am (UTC)
I actually like Schmendrick most of the time, for some reason. Except for that one chapter where he was being a jealous little weasel.

And yes, Red Bull will not give you wings! Red Bull will give you a lot of fear and a huge problem!

And indeed, unicorns are more the end-point of a quest (or at least a waypoint) than a suitable protagonist! I guess someone forgot to tell Beagle that. Or the unicorn.